• Here: Stream of the Award Ceremony from 3.7.2021


The 2021 award winners have been determined:

  1. price: : „Dodi“,  Sofia Nappi, Italy
  2. price: “Should life be busy?“, Li Chen / Shi Feiyang, China
  3. price: „Concerto For Mandolin and String in C Major by Vivaldi“, Gil Kerer, Israel

    critic´s price: „Dodi“,  Sofia Nappi, Italy
    audition price: „A CIEGAS“, Sabrina Gargano, Italy
    NEW: MiR Dance Company Production Award: Introtention Coda“, Anat Oz, Israel
    NEW: Production Award from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation at the State Theater in Hannover: „Dodi“,  Sofia Nappi, Italy
    NTM-Production Award, Theater Mannheim: Introtention Coda“, Anat Oz, Israel
    Production Award Theater Pforzheim: Concerto For Mandolin and String in C Major by Vivaldi“, Gil Kerer, Israel
    Scapino Production Award: „ MOMENTO“,  Maria Chiara de`Nobili / Alexander Miller , Italy / Germany
    Bundesjugendballett Production Award: „The Glass Ceiling“, Nicola Wills, Australia/Belgium

    More informations and videos of the choreographies you will find under “participants”



Participants 2021

Silvia Batet, Spain
Joshua Beamish, Canada
Catarina Casqueiro, Portugal
Li Chen, China
Cristian Cucco /Alice Beatrice Carrino , Italy
Sidonie Fosse / Johann Clapson,  France
Sabrina Gargano, Italy
Giovanni Insaudo, Italy
Drew Jacoby, USA
Gil Kerer, Israel
Mei Chen / Yannis Brissot, China / France
Maja Mirek, Poland
Sofia Nappi, Italy
Maria Chiara de` Nobili / Alexander Miller, Italy/Germany
Anat Oz, Israel
Diego de la Rosa / Safet Mistele, Spain / Germany
Javier Ubell, USA
Kirsten Wicklund, Canada
Jacob Williams, USA
Nicola Wills, Australia/Belgium




1st Prize: “Trial”, Tu Hoang, Vietnam
2nd Prize: “Space”, Frantics Dance Company, Italy / Spain
3rd Prize: “Toothpicks”, Francisco Banos Diaz, Spain
3rd Prize: “Carnegie Solo”, Samuel Young-Wright, Australia
Critic`s Award: “AGR Duet”, Roberto Tedesco, Italy
Audience Award: “Trial”, Tu Hoang, Vietnam
NTM Production Award, Theater Mannheim: “AGR Duet”, Roberto Tedesco, Italy Theater Pforzheim Production Award: “Lunatica”, Roberto Doveri, Italy
Scapino Production Award: “Lunatica”, Roberto Doveri, Italy
Tanja Liedtke Scholarship at the Australian Dance Theater: “Trial”, Tu Hoang, Vietnam
Residence International Production Center Schloss Bröllin e.V .: “Peaux – deuxième Hymne”, Zoé de Sousa, France

The following invitations were issued:
Participation in Hangartfest, Festival di Danza Contemporanea, Italy: “DOMA”, Jeremy Galdeano / Vera Kvarcakova, France / Czech Republic
Participation Solo Coreografico, Exposure Price, Tanzfestival Frankfurt Edition 2020: “Carnegie Solo”, Samuel Young-Wright, Australia
Gallus Theater, Frankfurt, 2021: “Space”, Frantics Dance Company, Italy / Spain