1. price:  “Simposio“, Lia Claudia Latini, Italy
2. price: “Cinderellas“, Alexander Stavropoulos, Greek
3. price: “Ordinary People“, Marco di Nardo / Juan Tirado, Italy / Spain
3. prices: „Tie“, Zihao Chen, China

critic`s price: “Shade“, Xingxing Gong / Hua Bai, China
audience award: “Simposio“, Lia Claudia Latini, Italy  

Production Award from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation at Staatstheater Hannover: “32GG”, Giovanni Visone, Italy
Produktion Award MiR Dance Company,  Musiktheater im Revier:“Simposio“, Lia Claudia Latini, Italy
NTM-Production Award, Nationaltheater Mannheim:“We shall meet in the place where is no darkness”, Selene Martello / Dario Willmington, Italy / Germany
Produktion Award Theater Pforzheim:  “We shall meet in the place where is no darkness”, Selene Martello / Dario Willmington, Italy/ Germany
Produktion Award Theater Chemnitz„32GG“, Giovanni Visone, Italy
Produktion Award Theater Trier: “Where to start?”, Liam Francis, UK
Residence Award DantzaZ Dance Company“Cinderellas“, Alexander Stavropoulos, Greek

choreography36: The preliminary jury has decided. We are looking forward to the following participants:

Jeremy Alberge, France
Levente Bálint, Hungary
Artur Bienkowski, Poland
Janne Boere, Netherlands
Linda Doumouliaka, Greece
Liam Francis, Great Britain
Xingxing Gong / Hua Bai, China
Fang Guan / Jiayue Yu, China
Lia Claudia Latini, Italy
Selene Martello / Dario Wilmington, Italy / Germany
Matyas Ruzsom, Hungary
Dana Marcus, Israel
Evgenie Melentyev, Russia
Marco di Nardo / Juan Tirado, Italy / Spain
Miller de Nobili, Italy/ Germany
Samwel Japhet Silas,  Tansania
Alexander Stavropoulos, Greece
Giovanni Visone, Italy
Zhiren Xiao, China
Chen Zihao, China