Choreography: Sabrina Gargano, Italy
Duration: 11 minutes
Music: Duke Ellington „A drop me out in Harlem“; Chango Spasiuk „Tren Expreso“
Dancer: Sabrina Gargano, Rafa Jagat

It has happened to everyone, at least once, having someone surprise you from behind, covering your eyes and asking you to guess who he/she is.
A simple game that kids or those close to us play in order to make us guess; but what if all of a sudden this turns into something else?
There are times in our life when unforeseen events happen, forcing us to make decisions, making changes and subsequently making us experience that change. Sometimes these changes are visible and sometimes not. This duet focuses on what we struggle to see and recognize and how the unknown can affect our state of mind, possibly leading us to fear just turning around and facing it.

After completing the Professional Development Jasmin Vardimon Course JV2 in 2014, Sabrina performed in the U.K. and abroad. She collaborated with several companies in the U.K., Portugal and Switzerland. She was commissioned to choreograph the youth company at The Point, Pera University, Lincoln University. Sabrina is also an Education Facilitator for Jasmin Vardimon and the Program Leader for JV2 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Concerto For Mandolin and String in C Major by Vivaldi
Choreography: Gil Kerer, Israel
Duration: 12 minutes
Music: Antonio Vivaldi „Concerto For Mandolin and String in C Major“ performed by Avi Avital & The Baroque Orchestra of Venice
Dancer: Gil Kerer, Tom Weinberger

We gather our own tenderness, stand steady and strong, and dance to the sounds of the mandolin and strings, returning to a primary experience of dance with humility and joy. The choreography is sort of an adult, youthful, childish dance: music and dance as a celebration, as a space of freedom, of simplicity, of virtuosity, of intimacy, fun and friendship.

Born in 1987, Gil starts his professional path into dance in the recently established KCDC and at the Vertigo Dance Company. In 2011 he created his first solo, “dive”, with Anat Cederbaum winning first prize for emerging choreographers in the Mash Festival in Jerusalem.

From 2015 he worked as an independent choreographer, performing and touring with his pieces in Israel and abroad. He joined the Israeli Choreographers Association in 2017, and as of 2018 is a resident choreographer at the Menashe Regional Council, commissioned to create pieces for companies, dance programmes and festivals. He received awards for his choreographies in festivals and competitions in Israel(Mash), Sweden(IL Dance), Germany(Hannover) and Denmark(CICC).

“Should life be busy“
Choreography: Li Chen/ Shi Feiyang, China
Student at the Beijing Dance Academy
Duration: 10.23 minutes
Music: Sijiang Tune – Sorrowful Orchestra „Swallow“
Dancer: Li Chen, Feiyang Shi

The two brothers want to pursue success in the city and laugh at themselves by working tirelessly in the process.

2010-2013: Hubei Province Art School
2018 to present, studying at the Modern Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy
2019 Participated in the performance of “ramifications-tributary” by Johannes Wieland (Johannes Wieland)
In 2020, I won the best director award for “Urban Dance” in the third festival of Zhongguancun

Choreography: Sofia Nappi, Italy
Duration: 7 minutes
Music: Anouar Brahmen „ The Astounding Eyes of Rita“
Dancer: Paolo Piancastelli, Adriano Popolo Rubbio

Sofia graduated from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (New York). She then intensified her studies with Hofesh Shechter and the Batsheva Dance Company, where she is currently training as an ambassador of Gaga technique.

 Sofia is the artistic director and co-founder of her project KOMOCO together with the composer and violinist Alice Nappi. Their very first creation won 3rd prize at the Netherlands Choreography Competition. KOMOCO was granted several artistic residencies, i.e. at The Eco Art Village (Israel), house of Vertigo Dance Company, and at Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg (Germany). Sofia won the international award for young choreographers at the Venice Biennale 2019.  Sofia is also the winner of the Showcase 2020 with a new choreographic commission for Compagnia EgriBianco Danza, for the DART Dance Company in Budapest and for the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel. Subsequently, she was invited to create a world premiere with her choreographic project for the 14th International Festival of Contemporary Dance of the Venice Biennale 2020. In 2021, Sofia’s last creation Wabi-Sabi won KommTanz 2021 for her choreographic work at Abbondanza Bertoni Company.

“Dodi”, from Hebrew “gift; my beloved”, originates from the exploration of overcoming the constant state of grief and dissatisfaction that shapes most of our human existence. The constant desire of that something more in our lives can often cause us to feel lonely and fearful. Encountering mirror images, two entities go through a journey of self-exploration and acceptance by sharing honesty of expression, requiring profound transformation and avoidance of cultural stereotypes. The duet deals with intimacy, trust, sensuality, human connection, delicacy, lightness and passion. Dodi offers a sense of depth in our existence to discover the subtle poetry within human connections, to find profound listening and possibilities in this reality: grief is actually one of the most precious gifts that we all share, and the awareness of it helps us to do deeper, find acceptance and ultimately freedom.

Choreography: Maria Chiara de`Nobili / Alexander Miller , Italy / Germany
Duration: 10.30 minutes
Music: Freya Arde „Momento“
Dancer: Alexander Miller, Maria Chiara de`Nobili

“Momento” is a short dance creation born out of the collaboration between Dresden-based choreographers Maria Chiara de’ Nobili and Alexander Miller.
The piece choreographed for the 35. International Choreographic Competition Hannover, focuses on a non-chronological set of moments defining the life of a couple. Memories are chaotically following one another. All conflicts are resolved by acknowledging what really matters. Following a long journey of rediscovery of a lifetime of common experiences, the characters are finding themselves back somewhere between the innocence of the past and the uncertainty of the future.

The Italian choreographer Maria Chiara de’ Nobili was born in Naples in 1995. She received her Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at the Dancehaus (Milano). Immediately afterwards she moved to Israel, where she took part in the Dance Journey programme of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company for ten months and at the same time started her choreographic career. In the summer of 2018, she was invited to develop a 20-minute piece for the College Choreographers programme at the Biennale di Venezia as a choreographer. During the same year, she began studying for a Master of Arts in Choreography at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden.

In June 2019, she was commissioned with the full-length work titled „Wrap“ by Marie Chouinard, who invited her as a guest choreographer at La Biennale di Venezia. In November 2019, she presented the solo „The Answer’s in the Eye“ for the Palucca Tanz Studio in Dresden. While being involved as a dancer at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, in 2020, Maria Chiara created her final Master Choreography work presented at the Japanisches Palais (Dresden) supported by TANZPAKT. In February 2021 she created the choreography for the theatre piece »doch an uns wird manche:r sich erinnern später noch« directed by Jule Bökamp.

Alexander Miller was born in Kazakhstan. He started breakdancing at the age of twelve. He danced for the Nobulus Company, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the company Go Plastic.  In 2013 he co-founded THE SAXONZ, a collective of  dancers that focuses on international breakdance competitions. In 2014 and 2015, The Saxonz won the “Battle of the Year Germany”. In 2015 Miller was part of the creative team that developed “Floor on Fire – Battle of Styles”, a unique dance format combining classical, social and urban dances that takes place at regular intervals at HELLERAU. In 2017, he completed his Master of Arts in Visual Communication at Bauhaus University Weimar. Since 2018 he has been studying at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. With the solo LAYOVER, which premiered at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in 2020, Miller completed his studies with a Master of Arts in Choreography.

Introtention Coda
Choreography: Anat Oz, Israel
Duration: 9 minutes
Music: Ludwig Minkus „Don Quixote –  pas de deux“
Dancer: Nathaly Kremer, Anat Oz

Anat Oz is an Israeli movement artist, based in Tel Aviv. He has worked for several companies such as the ‘Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’ and the ‘Israeli Classical Ballet’.
As a freelance Dancer she performed and took part in creations by Roy Assaf, Idan Sharabi and others. In 2019 she started devoting herself to her own creations, developing her unique language and style.
Her duet creation ‘Introtention Coda’ won first prize at Be’er-Sheva Fringe Dance Festival, December 2019. Her solo creation ‘THIRD’ won second prize at the international solo-tanz-theater-stuttgart, June 2020.

The Coda for the introspective being of a professional dancer, sheds light on the complications we encounter as we work in this field. Fragile souls opening up and bearing their souls when the curtain is up, showing strength of performance.
Beauty defined by ideals of dimensions.
Virtuosity is the candy of what we sell.
Will you clap?

The Glass Ceiling
Choreography: Nicola Wills, Australia/Belgium
engaged Ballet Vlaanderen
Duration: 10 minutes
Music: Max Richter „All Human Beings“, „You Dont know“; Nicholas Britell  „Rondo in F Minor for Piano“, „Redemption at the Roulette Table“, „The Middle of the world“, „Ride Home“, „The Spot“
Dancer: Tiemen Bormans , Philipe Lens, Astrid Tinel, Lateef Williams

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, one of the limitations when creating for the Ballet Vlaanderen Choreolab programme was the requirement for the dancers not to have personal contact. This limitation inspired Nicola to think more intensely about the degrees of separation in society on a larger scale. I created The Glass Ceiling to simply address and abstractly highlight the problems of power imbalance prevalent in a society that separates us as humans. Through the characters we witness how micro-aggressions can affect the movements of an individual through the world, and shows the antagonist of the story only as a puppet to the system. 

Nicola Wills won the Silver medal at the RAD Genée awards in 2009 before starting her professional dance career working with the Queensland Ballet in their trainee programme in Brisbane in 2010. In 2012 she moved to Germany to briefly dance with Ballet Dortmund before signing a contract with the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium in 2013. In 2018 she was promoted to Demi-Soloist.