1st prize:                     € 6,000
2nd prize :                  € 3,000
3rd prize:                    € 2,000
Critics’ Award:           € 1,500
Audience Award:      € 1,000

NEW: Production Award Theater Chemnitz
The Ballet Director at Chemnitz Theatres, Sabrina Sadowska, will award a production prizefor the first time in 2022. The winner of the Chemnitz Ballet Production Prize will be given
the opportunity to develop a choreography for the ballet ensemble as part of the “Made
in Chemnitz” format. This production will have its premiere at the international festival

NEW: Production Award Theater Trier
The Ballet Director at Theater Trier, , will award a production prize for the first time.
The prize includes the development of a 20-minute choreography with dancers from the Trier Theatre,which will be presented as part of a dance evening.

NEW: Production Award Oper Leipzig
Mario Schröder, Director Ballet Leipzig, will award a production prize for the first time.

Residence Award DantzaZ Dance Company:
The winner of the Residence Award DantzaZ has the opportunity to create a choreography
with the 10 dancers of Dantzaz, and also make a technical residency in the installations of Dantzaz.

MiR Dance Company Production Award
The director of the MiR Dance Company at the Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen, Giuseppe Spota, will award a Production Award.


NTM Production Award 
The winner of the NTM Production Award receives the offer to work with the Ensemble of the NTM Dance to create a choreography at the Nationaltheater Mannheim as part of a multi-part dance evening. The prize is awarded by Stephan Thoss, Director Dance and Chief Choreographer at the Nationaltheater Mannheim.

 Production Award Theater Pforzheim
The Theater Pforzheim donates a production prize for the multi-part, contemporary ballet evening “TANZ PUR”. The winner is invited to create a world premiere with dancers of the Ballett Theater Pforzheim, which will premiere as part of “TANZ PUR”. Ballet director Guido Markowitz, member of the jury, will award the prize. The artists’ fee includes the accommodation costs during the production period.

Production Award from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation at Staatstheater Hannover
Marco Goecke, Ballet Director at the Staatstheater Hannover, awards a production prize for the first time. The Award includes the development of a 15-minute choreography with the dancers of the theater. The fee for this is donated by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

Scapino Ballett Rotterdam Production Award: 
The   winner of the Scapino Production Award is given the opportunity to create a choreography for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, which will be presented in the context of the series TWOOLS.